Governor Léonard Duchamps

A Montaignan Governor


A man who believes that armies only interfere in war, Léonard Duchamps appreciates the finer things in life. The delicacies known only to a sophisticated palate, the heady bouquet of the most exclusive wines, the ecstasy of the most exquisite bodies from across the known world. Above all these pleasures, Duchamps prizes war most of all. His soldiers may be respected among their counterparts throughout Montaigne, and while this pleases the Governor, it does not fulfil his pride. Instead, true satisfaction can be found in subterfuge. If we can all be reduced, fundamentally, to naught but minds, then is mastery of ones own mind not real power? Dominion over another mind, therefore, is the purest application of this power.

Currently, Governor Duchamps is waging a war in which almost none of the combatants realise they’re being attacked, and if he succeeds, perhaps they won’t even notice that they’ve been conquered either.

Appearance Duchamps is actually a rather plain, short, balding, somewhere passed middle aged man. Without the finery and accoutrement of his position, that is. His face powdered and painted then framed in a cascading wig, his wiry figure dressed in silks upon satins outlined in tasteful furs and ornamented in ostentatious jewellery, a wholly different and more impressive figure is cut. He likes to dress in whites and soft blues, and all of his precious stones and gems are blue. His eyes are a light shade of brown that glint like amber in the light.


Governor Léonard Duchamps

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