Hindsight Hazel

Infamous treasure hunter


“As I stand here, I must confess that I finally understand. It’s scant consolation. The Tear of Terra! To a learned few, it’s priceless. Beyond priceless! Priceless squared! My ship, however, that certainly had a price. Now she lies in the depths off Numa, gone forever. My brother, gone with it. And my investment? By definition that is a price! All paid, and for what? To watch Hazel hand it over to that-that, that philistine Villanova?! Oh, she found the Tear, most assuredly. Upon the labours of my research, no less! As was our agreement. As if it needed to be said that, upon finding it, she’d then present it to me! My research, my ship – I was the one who contacted her, Theus damn her. The nerve of that woman! The audacity! Yes, I full well understand why they call her Hindsight Hazel now.”

- The ravings of Lord Bulbury, resident of Sullivan’s Prison for Debtors.

Appearance: “Hindsight” Hazel is petite, mousey woman who is always grinning. Her dark, almost black eyes dart about near constantly, missing nothing. Her deep-brown hair hangs, thick and loose, below a wide-brimmed hat, tumbling down over a long leather coat that has been carefully repaired hundreds of times. Hidden within that coat, occasionally peeking as she moves, are a surprisingly volume of tools, gadgets and weapons, half of which weren’t crafted by human hands.


Hindsight Hazel

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