Kurt Ottmar Rahn

A Veteran of Horrors



Brawn 4, Finesse 2, Resolve 5, Wits 2, Panache 2 1


Aim 2, Athletics 3, Brawl 2, Notice 3, Ride 3, Sailing 1, Scholarship 2, Warfare 2, Weaponry 4 2


Ungetümjäger (Eisen only)
Quirk: Earn a Hero Point when you choose to hunt down an inhuman creature so it will never hurt anyone ever again.

Krieger (Eisen only)
Quirk: Earn a Hero Point when you choose to fight to defend the defenceless or prevent destruction.


Academy (Krieger)
You studied strategy, horsemanship, and soldiering at one of Théah’s many military academies. When you make a Risk using Athletics, Warfare or Ride, all of your dice gain +1 to their value.

I Won’t Die Here (Ungetümjäger)
Spend a Hero Point to ignore all negative effects from Dramatic Wounds for the round—the Villain does not gain Bonus Dice if you have 2 Dramatic Wounds, and you do not become Helpless at 4 Dramatic Wounds.

Indomitable Will (Ungetümjäger)
After another character attempts to intimidate, seduce, or otherwise goad you, spend a Hero Point to automatically resist.

Staredown (Krieger)
Spend a Hero Point to intimidate a character into backing down from a threat, letting you into somewhere he shouldn’t, or otherwise getting out of your way.

Large (1 Point)
Gain 1 Bonus Die on any Risk that is easier due to your size—using Athletics to run at full speed even while carrying another Hero, or looming over someone in order to Intimidate them.

Riot Breaker (4 Points)
You’re used to your opponents coming in double digits. When you take Wounds from a Brute Squad, subtract your Resolve from the Wounds. The remainder is how many Wounds you take, to a minimum of 1 Wound.

Duellist Academy Eisenfaust (5 Point Story)
Style Bonus: Iron Reply
When you wield a heavy weapon in one hand and a panzerhand in the other, your Riposte manoeuvre is replaced by the Iron Reply—preventing a number of Wounds equal to your Ranks in Resolve + your Ranks in Weaponry. You also deal a number of Wounds equal to your Ranks in Brawn + your Ranks in Weaponry. You can only perform Iron Reply once per Round.

Foul Weather Jack (3 Point Story)
Your Hero gains a second Story. You create this Story in the same manner as all other Hero Stories, and its progression and rewards are determined independently. When this Story is completed, you may write a new one.

Personal Motto (1 Point Story)
Your Hero has a catchphrase, adage, or rallying cry that she uses frequently. Choose your personal motto (such as “I’ve got a bad feeling about this” or “We always pay our debts”). Whenever you make a Risk after saying your personal motto, and whenever your personal motto is appropriate, you gain 1 bonus die.

Virtue: Altruistic
Activate your Virtue to suffer a Risk’s Consequences in place of another Hero.

Hubris: Unfortunate
You receive 2 Hero Points when you choose to fail an important Risk before rolling.

1 Brawn increased to 4 with 5 point story
Resolve increased to 5 with 5 point story

2 Weaponry increased to 4 with 4 point story
Sailing increased to 1 with 1 point story


In a more peaceful time he was known as Oberst Rahn, leader of the Sumpfschilde.
A defender of his homeland during times of war and a protector of its people in peacetime.

The peace was shattered when a monster wearing a familiar face destroyed everything.
Shattered remnants of a broken man were all that remained.

Kurt was recently placed in the care of a group of adventurers and by fighting alongside them has slowly begun to pull himself back together.

He has faced the monster who killed his family and has sworn to defend those who helped him.
There are questions left unanswered. Who set him on this path? Who has his weapons?

Thoughts of a Shattered Mind

Kurt Ottmar Rahn

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