Oktavia Roth

A cheerful, friendly woman casually on a mission of murderous vengeance


Oktavia left Eisen almost thirteen years ago. She signed up with mercenary marines at sixteen, safeguarding Vendel League shipments across Theah. She seemed to pass from port to port, sea to sea, contract to contract with little concern as to where she’d wind up, so long as it was somewhere she hadn’t been before. Until she came to the Atabean. Oktavia still floated from one job to the next without apparent aim, never getting tied down, wandering the waters. Not lost, perhaps, but seeming to embrace the whims of fate. A trail of friends in her wake, some would be met again on another crew, or passing by in another ship or portside. Wherever she made port, she made even more friends, befriending the locals with ease, the draw of her warmth and beauty inviting those keen on more than friendship, too.

Eventually, Oktavia would only be found in Rahuri waters. “Oh, you know, because of the monsters.” she’d smile when asked why Roaming Roth seemed like she might, at last, be settling down. An Eisen hunting monsters for coin, an easy explanation.

Behind the quip and the warm smile was a cold echo of a promise she made to her own soul. All these years, there’s only been one monster that interests her. Oktavia’s hunt is almost a repressed memory. It hasn’t consumed her, and she’s determined to live a good life… so long as, while she does, she moves ever closer to her prey.

When she finds her father, the traitor, she will kill him. And at long last, she almost has him. He cowers behind a false name, running a ship called Lesprit de Vie. Or, she thinks she might kill him. The passion of those old convictions from a lifetime ago have faded. But then, is a promise not sacred?

Appearance: A tall, striking woman with partially braided blonde hair and dazzling blue eyes, Oktavia looks as though she strode right out of a romantic portrait of classical Eisen warrior. A criss-cross of scars stretch from her left temple across the side of her head, a memento from kraken four years ago. Athletic yet feminine, powerful and scarred yet amiable and approachable, she makes a strong first impression.


Oktavia signed on with Hindsight Hazel’s band of explorers as muscle, and died in the Adrift Pyramid when the rock beetles began hatching from every surface of the room. Oktavia held them off while the group rallied behind her, only for Hazel to betray her and kosh her over the back of the head, leaving Oktavia to the ravenous beasts while Hazel made good her escape.

Surprisingly, death wasn’t the end of Oktavia. Her ghost appeared the next day at the spot she died, and, unsure of what to do, she’s been contemplating her life and death since.


Oktavia Roth

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