The Hellion

More prophecy than name.


Whoever built this vessel isn’t clear. Despite the apparent Avalonian design markers, the Hellion also expresses Montaignan stylistic flourishes and Vestenmennavenjar build quality. The assumption made by most with a keen eye for ships is that she has been subjected to several refits in her young life, some of which might have intended to obscure her provenance. This makes some sense when considering her service history: smuggling (twice; Cpt. Jeanette Lestrange and Barking Bartram); piracy (Cpt. Clement “Gentleman” Lively); blockade runner (Metz) and spying (allegedly, Dutchess Wellsingon).

Fast, even by Brig standards, the Hellion has, perhaps fittingly, escaped even notoriety.

Recently acquired by the Montaignan navy by uncertain means, she has recently been brought to port in northern Montaigne.


The Hellion

The Hellion's Wake Dace