The Adrift Pyramid

A step-pyramid of apparently Syrneth provenance, upside down and floating among the tides of Rahuri waters.

The upper tier of this pyramid wasn’t part of the original structure, but a hive constructed by the infestation of beetle-like monsters that, previously hibernating, stirred to action as the heroes explored the strange ruin. The side passages and ramps leading deeper into the pyramid were filled by ancient traps that were initially dormant, much like the slumbering creatures above.

The nadir of the inverted pyramid once held the Compass but the details its housing or the contraptions here are known only to Hindsight Hazel and her minions, the heroes only catching brief glimpses of the dangerous system of counter-weights in the room even as they dodged them.

Margritte observed the pyramid floating above the waters when she briefly returned to the The Hellion via a portal.

In hastily extracting the Compass, Hazel tripped the still functioning Syrneth mechanisms of the pyramid, including its traps. In pursuing Hazel, the pyramid rotated once, 90 degrees, then again shortly thereafter.

Accessed by one of the middle levels of the pyramid, the heroes discovered a trove of syrneth artifacts in disarray within a vast chamber. Lights (usually blue or pink) blinked, pulsed and burned throughout. Some illustrated diagrams, or glyphs – others reacted to touch or presence. One seemed to resemble a map of Gaia, albeit utterly incorrect in many places. A metallic blister, perhaps attached to the floor, sat in the middle of these curious objects.

The map seemed to punctuate itself with errant blips of light, often within Montaigne, and even then more concentrated in Charouse.

The man who later emerged from the blister called this place an observatory. By investigating the map, Margritte supposed that it may be somehow tracking instances of porté.

The Adrift Pyramid

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