Hallbjorn Bragison

Tough but Loyal Merc



Brawn 4, Finesse 2, Resolve 3, Wits 2, Panache 2


Aim 2, Athletics 2, Brawl 2,Empathy 1, Hide 1, Intimidate 2, Notice 2, Ride 2, Sailing 2, Warfare 2, Weaponry 3


Quirk: Earn a Hero Point when you choose to let the GM choose your next action..

Quirk: Earn a Hero Point when you use your acumen to save someone from danger.


Hard to Kill: You don’t become helpless after suffering 4 dramatic wounds but villain gets 3 bonus die against you. You get 5 extra wounds

Able Drinker: You never suffer the adverse effects of alcohol

Sniper: Gain 1 bonus die when aim risk with Long barrel musket, Longbow & Crossbow

Got it: Spend a hero point to pick a lock, crack a safe or disarm a trap.

Reckless Takedown – Spend a hero point and take a dramatic wound to immediately defeat 1 brute squad regardless of strength.

Inspire Generosity – Spend a hero point to convince another character to grant you an object at no cost

Leegstra’s Crash (Duelist) – Deal a number of wounds = to weaponry

Seidr – Spend a hero point, a character in the scene gains 1 rank in a reputation or changes their reputation
Spend a hero point to immediately ask the GM one 1 yes/no question, the answer must be true but is the current most likely outcome
Spend a hero point to look @ a mortal human, they cannot hide their name from me and cant lie to me.

Rune Magic: Star Rune
Storm Rune


Virtue: Victorious – The first time you wound a villain, deal an additional Dramatic Wound

Hubris: Foolhardy – Receive a Hero Point when your brash, cocky or reckless actions cause trouble for you and another hero


Old Thean

Weaponised Metal Disk
Ceremonial Drinking Horn
Mysterious Flask


Hallbjorn originates from the Coastal city of Klorhulg. Spending much of his youth learning the skills needed to join the Vesten Merchant fleet, upon turning 16 he joined his first ships crew and set sail, after returning from a simple trade exchange in Montange, he discovered his sister was missing, setting out on search for her led him into the borders of the All Father ice floes….. what he found on his expedition he has never spoken of, only to his parents but the events are what led him to become immune to the effects of alcohol.. After this he turned his hand to mercenary work which led him all over Thea, until one day he was hired to take a mysterious boat ride to the Avalonian Isles

Hallbjorn Bragison

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