Miguel De Rodrigo De Sabastion Del Barcino

a young man of average height and a athletic build. shoulder length brown hair normally tied back in a loose pony tail, with brown eyes. Like most Castillons' the clothes he wears tend to be bright and colourfully mainly rich browns and greens



Brawn: 2

Finesse: 3

Resolve: 2

Wits: 2

Panache: 5


Aim: 2
Brawl: 0
Convince: 2
Empathy: 2
Hide: 0
Intimdate: 2
Notice: 0
Performe: 1
Ride: 1
Sailing: 0
Scholarship: 1
Tempt: 2
Warfare: 0
Weaponary: 2


BG: Diestro
BG: Courtier
An Honest Misunderstanding
Friend in Court
Disarming Smile
Duelist Academy: Aldana


Miguel was the only child to the Don Rodrigo. he was one of the Dons in charge of the running of farming land in Barcino region. The land Miguel’s Family was the caretakers for, was a great deal of land but it was sparsely populated. it was acres and acres of fertile farm land. While his Father was healthy and ruling. Miguel led their forces in chasing off Bandits and other their ilk at aimed to do harm to the people under his care. To cover such a vast amount of land Miguel and his men were expert horsemen and marksmen. Miguel was given charge of the Families Cavalry to give him some much-needed experience leading men. for the only other living relative that could take the Mantel of Don was his Uncle Sabatian. But Due to his Uncle being Ordained as a man of the Clothe and having absolutely no interest in the workings of ruling he was the only one left. Life like it always does becomes difficult with War on the Horizon. for the past few years, the Castillian Army have been stockpiling supplies and moving forces close to the Montaniane Border. THe War was to commence in early spring the following year.

Miguel and his men would have been in the invasion when it started if they weren’t better suited to defending the Armies supply lines from bandits and Montaniane saboteurs. When the Counter attack was in full swing and the border of Castille was the next to be taken Miguel had received word that his father had become Ill, apparently he was wounded in battle and the Wound got infected. Miguel was Now Don of the Northen Reaches of Barcino. Unable to attend his Father’s Funeral for he had to cover the retreat of the Castillian forces. Miguel and his men saw a lot of fighting but were never part of the large scale fighting, they fought mainly with hit and run tactics and in small skirmishes.

On the final months of the Wat and the Montaniane counter attack, Miguel and his men were pressed quite heavily. Most of the main forces were exhausted and badly wounded to the point even their reserves were reaching their breaking point. But Miguel’s forces had been fighting on a smaller scale able to save their strength but fight often enough not to become too dull. As the fight went deeper and deeper into the Castilian and the men were getting taxed pretty hard. used to fighting at worst two to one odds in our favor now having to taste the other end now fighting in three to one odds at our best.

there were several large scale battles that the Castillions fought as a last ditch effort to shift the moment them back in their favor. Miguel’s forces in this last battle were scattered and forced into a disordered retreat. During the Rout, Miguel was wounded and caught by a stray bullet. it was a bad wound he was losing blood fast and more importantly his consciousness. he didn’t know if he was in friendly or hostile territory but his vision became blurry and blackness started to invade the outside of his vision. then he fell. the next thing he knew was he was in a church, a familiar church the one his Uncle was the Pastor for. Miguel had his wounds treated by one of the army medics, he was given orders that he and his men were to retreat back to the new lines that were being formed further west in the city of Barcino.

Before he left he went to visit his father’s Grave. He found his uncle was also paying his respects. His Uncle Sabatian was looking extremely tired with large bags under his eyes and his voice hoarse with some kind of infection

Miguel De Rodrigo De Sabastion Del Barcino

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